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The Gore Nature Center is owned and operated by Cypress Cove Landkeepers. We are Naples-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to preserving and protecting Southwest Florida’s ecologically sensitive landscape from the devastating impact of over-development. Our mission is to encourage the conservation of critical habitats through environmental education and nature-inspired experiences.

The inception of our organization and the acquisition of the Gore Nature Center were influenced by the passion and dedication of Dr. Robert H. Gore III. As a Naples-based environmentalist, Dr. Gore devoted himself to preserving untamed areas for the well-being of future generations.

In 2019, we acquired the central 10 acres of Dr. Gore’s preserve, which includes his home now serving as the Gore Nature Center. The organization and its founder, Bobbie Lee Davenport, played a crucial role in influencing Conservation Collier’s decision to acquire an additional 170 acres that Dr. Gore had obtained. This area is now named the Dr. Robert H. Gore III Preserve in his honor. These two acquisitions guarantee the long-term protection of the entire Gore property for generations to come.

Dr. Robert H. Gore's Story

Dr. Robert H. Gore III was a noted research scientist, environmentalist, educator, consultant, and author. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and earned a PhD in Marine Invertebrate Zoology from the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.
Dr. Gore conducted research in marine biology and ecology with the Smithsonian Institution for ten years, discovering several new species of crabs. He was a Coastal Zone Management Supervisor for the Collier County Natural Resources Management Department for five years. It was on one of his trips into the field for this county job that Dr. Gore discovered the hammock, reminiscent of the family property of his childhood, that would become his home.
Dr. Gore began purchasing land in the eastern area of Collier County known as Golden Gate Estates in the 1980s. Over two decades, he accumulated 71 parcels, mostly contiguous, and built an Old Florida Cracker-style home on a central ten-acre parcel. Dr. Gore named the preserve Naithloriendun, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the “Lord of the Rings” fantasy trilogy.
Dr. Gore on an educational tour with local children | Cypress Cove Landkeepers
Dr. Gore shared his love of the Florida wilderness with children and adults, through guided forest walks and folk music gatherings on his beloved preserve. He was an avid and highly skilled wine maker, gourmet cook and musician, with a passion for mountain dulcimer, six and twelve string guitar and harmonica. He published more than seventy-five papers in the scientific and popular press, and authored several books including “The Gulf of Mexico,” “Songs from Solitude,” and “Right Smart to Say.” Dr. Gore passed away peacefully at his home on February 7, 2017 at the age of 77.
Dr. Gore on an educational tour with local children | Cypress Cove Landkeepers
Dr. Gore with his two sons and a dog | Cypress Cove Landkeepers

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Our Future & Vision

Southwest Florida’s natural habitats, from the old growth cypress forests to the white sand beaches and mangrove islands, draw visitors and residents from around the world. Without responsible stewardship, all the beauty that we enjoy today will be lost tomorrow as a byproduct of the growth and sprawl that comes with an influx of new arrivals. There are over 42 million acres of land across Florida, so continued land development and urban spread are inevitable.
Calculated and considerate conservation efforts are the only hope in achieving a much-needed balance. Historically it has required and will continue to need a deep commitment from the residents in every community to do their part. Whether by volunteering our time, sharing our passion and knowledge with others or financially supporting organizations working to preserve native habitats, we all have something to contribute.
Cypress Cove Landkeepers was founded in an effort to bring together the community to affect these critical issues specifically in the Southwest Florida region. Through continued restoration and management of critical habitats, we can provide an opportunity for native flora and fauna to thrive once again. With continued education about the impacts of invasive species, habitat loss, habitat fragmentation and the ways in which all of the ecosystems around us are codependent, we are working to create a stronger sense of stewardship.
Thanks to the continued support of valued community partners, incredibly dedicated volunteers and generous donors who share our vision, the Gore Nature Center now serves as a community hub for environmental education, critical habitat research, nature inspired events, experiences and exploration.

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